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At Lakefishing Denmark, we offer high quality angling, equipment and overnighting, in beautiful surroundings and in the most fish-rich waters in Denmark.
Whether you are an angler; hunting after our beautiful lake-trout; chasing after zander, pike or perch; or under cover of darkness want to take advantage of our great numbers of eel; Lakefishing Denmark hire-out specially outfitted fishing boats with precisely the gear you require for your fishing trip.


At Lakefishing Denmark we know exactly what is required to have a successful fishing trip. We have specialised ourselves in lake fishing, and have the expert knowledge regarding gear, equipment and angling sites, so that your chances for successful catches are raised significantly.  In other words, we can offer the optimal conditions for fulfilling our guests needs and expectations for a successful fishing holiday.

Boat, gear, fishing licence – everything done for you – and literally just ‘outside the door’ if you choose to book one of our conveniently situated chalets.

At Lakefishing Denmark you can:


  • Hire a fishing boat which as standard has an environmentally friendly motor, a tank of fuel, comfortable and adjustable seats, electric motor, echo-sounder, bait-box, modern life-jackets and, of course, provided with depth- and lake charts.


  • Book a guided-tour, where we provide one of the knowledgeable and well-known local experts from our team to advise on your fishing trip. We have over many years experience on the lakes, built-up a unique local knowledge and can according to season, wind and weather, give you advice and guidance on fishing stands, hotspots, lake bottoms and depths.


  •  Book a chalet or room, to overnight and dine in a natural location right on the lakeshore.
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